Sasa Twa:

Sasa Twa

Sasa: Twa Restaurant is an expansion of Sasa D'Newa, established in 2010. It is built and focused solely on providing its visitors with an authentic Newari cultural experience. Sasa: Twa has created its unique way of attracting visitors with architecture that reflects ancient Newari heritage along with the food items that are unavailable anywhere on demand. Based on the idea of a Newa locality, Sasa: Twa’s clay-tiled buildings replicate the houses of yore made in a rectangular fashion, forming a courtyard, chuka in Nepal Bhasa. Bricks and carved wooden window sill make the structures of Sasa: Twa and sets a mood that will set you in a nostalgic journey.

Recent Events from Sasa Twa

Expired Neetesh& Samriddhi Live at Kirtipur

Neetesh& Samriddhi Live at Kirtipur

December 31 | 2pm - onwards
सस त्वा:, Kirtipur, Nepal

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