Auditions Open For TV Reality Show “Maha Guffadi”

August 18, 2023 Poster of Maha Guffadi Event

The auditions for the new TV reality show, "Maha Guffadi" is now open from Shrawan 15 to Bhadra 20. A "Dhakatopi Films" produced show is taking digital auditions making it more convenient for the participants.

Besides the witty jokes, the highlight of the show is the judges. The judges are our favorite entertainers like Buddhi Tamang, Shailendra Shimkhada, Loonibha Tuladhar, and Kameshwar Chaurasiya. They have been winning our hearts with their play of words so it's obvious that the show is going to be full of laughter.

You can audition from anywhere in the world as long as you speak Nepali. Yes, you heard it right! You can fill up a form that's available in MyPay and register yourself for the auditions and all for FREE. The participants will have to fill up their names, addresses, date of birth, and gender as instructed in the form.

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To audition, you will have to prepare a video of three to five minutes and upload it to Google Drive. After you upload it to the drive, you can send the link along with your mobile number, email address, and your temporary and permanent address.

We hope to see many new talents on the show. this will surely be a learning opportunity as you will be groomed by the experts in the field. The judges have made us laugh countless times either with their movies or shows. Mr. Shailendra Simkhada is famous for his performances and stand-ups. Also, we can't forget the humorous acting of Mr. Buddhi Tamang in many Nepali movies. "Pawankali" portrayed by Ms. Loonibha Tuladhar lives in the heart of Nepalese. Of course, we can't forget the works of Mr.Kameshwar Chaurasiya when we mention his name.

So, the auditions for the TV reality show "Maha Guffadi" is now open  and the production encourages everyone to participate. We are so glad that the talents will now get new platforms and also all the luck to everyone auditioning.


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