The reason why ‘Kahi Nabhako Jaatra Hadigaun Maa’ is celebrated

April 25, 2024 Kahi Nabhako Jaatra Hadigaun Maa

Once a year, the residents of Hadigaun come together to honor Lord Vishnu during the 'Kahi Nabhako Jaatra' or Satyanarayan Jatra, a cherished tradition deeply rooted in the area's heritage. With the famous saying "Kahi Nabhako Jaatra Hadigaun Maa" (there's no parade like those in Hadigaun), this Kathmandu neighborhood is renowned for its unique parades and cultural richness.

This annual procession kicks off on the second day of Dashain and culminates on its final night, enveloped in myth and legend. According to local lore, a woman in labor once inadvertently offended Lord Vishnu, who had taken human form. Despite his attempt to soothe her pain with the chant "Bishnu Bishnu," she refused, leading to his wrath and her subsequent curse of prolonged childbirth.

In a bid for redemption, the people of Hadigaun beseeched Lord Vishnu's aid, eventually convincing him to grace their town during the jatra. Three chariots, representing Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwora—or alternatively, the woman, her child, and her husband—are borne aloft by devotees, lacking wheels and forming an inverted umbrella shape with idols atop and a pinnacle below.

As the chariots, or khats, are paraded clockwise around Hadigaun, symbolizing protection and prosperity, fervent prayers and rituals ensue. Post-jatra, the chariots remain for worshippers' reverence before being disassembled for the next year's festivities, perpetuating this cherished tradition. Amidst vibrant cultural dances, feasts, and fervor, the locals of Hadigaun celebrate this festival with enduring enthusiasm.

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