The Power of Yes With Sanjog Koirala – The StoryYellers

Date and time
September 6 | 5:45pm - onwards
Moksh Live, Jhamsikhel 
Introducing the 1st Yeller and His Story -Sanjog Koirala, The Power of Yes event

Introducing the 1st Yeller and His Story –Sanjog Koirala

Discover the incredible journey of Sanjog Koirala, a renowned Entrepreneur and Digital Educator. As he takes the stage as the 1st Yeller in this edition of The StoryYellers.

Get ready to be inspired by his remarkable story of success, learning, and innovation. This event is a part of Session 50 of The StoryYellers series, where we bring you captivating stories of real people.

Join us for an engaging evening where Sanjog Koirala will share his journey, insights, and the importance of saying “yes” to opportunities. This is your chance to witness his story firsthand and gather valuable lessons that can empower your own journey. With a remarkable presence as an entrepreneur and a digital education advocate, Sanjog Koirala’s story is one of inspiration, innovation, and the profound impact of embracing opportunities.

This event is Supported By: Foodmandu and The Last Resort

Date: 6th September
Time: 5:45 PM Onwards
Venue: Moksh Live, Jhamsikhel

Sanjog Koirala’s journey is an embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit and the potential of digital education. He is not only a symbol of success but also an advocate for the power of saying “yes” to opportunities that come our way. This event is a unique chance to hear his story directly from him, live on stage.

Our Speakers

Chirag Bangdel – Artist/Poet/Writer/Radio Jockey
Sanjog Koiral – Entrepreneur/Digital Educator
Sijal Kunwar – Manager,Shades Restaurant
Rochak Dahal – Vocalist, Pahelo Batti Muni

Ticket Price:

Booking Price: Rs 300
Door sale: Rs 350

Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and motivated by Sanjog Koirala’s insights, experiences, and the lessons he has learned along the way. Be a part of an evening that celebrates the journey of turning dreams into reality.

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Moksh Bar, Lalitpur, Nepal

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