Talking Titans 3 Finale

Date and time
July 22 | 3pm - onwards
Imperial World School, Kathmandu
Talking Titans Poster

Talking Titans 3 is a platform with amazing opportunities for youth to enhance their communication and leadership skills.
It is a platform to express your thoughts and ideas and elevate your public speaking skills. This is not just a competition, but more of an opportunity to excel in your speaking skills and get mentored by the best speakers.

Talking Titans 3 finale will be held on July 22, 2023

Date: 22nd June 2023, Saturday

Venue: Imperial World School, Kathmandu

Time: 3pm onwards

Watch the top 15 participants of Talking Tiatans 3 standing on top of the podium and displaying their skills in the grand finale. The ticket price is Rs. 500.

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Imperial World School, Kathmandu, Nepal

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