Rockheads Live In Pokhara

Date and time
January 13 | 9am - onwards
Chinedada Bus Stop, Pokhara, Nepal

Get ready for a night of electrifying energy as “Rockheads” take the stage in Pokhara on January 13, in an event skillfully organized by the 22nd batch of the Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College (NTHMC). This highly anticipated live performance promises to be an unforgettable experience, featuring the raw power and musical prowess of Rockheads. Embark on a musical journey as the band unleashes a dynamic and captivating performance, showcasing their unique blend of rock genres that will resonate with fans of all tastes. With an impressive repertoire and a reputation for delivering high-energy shows, Rockheads are set to create an atmosphere charged with excitement and passion.

Performing Artist: Rockheads
Date: January 13.2024
Time: 9a.m onwards
Venue: Chinnedanda, Pokhara 

Join fellow music enthusiasts in Pokhara on January 13 for a night of pulsating rhythms, powerful vocals, and an overall celebration of the vibrant rock music scene. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this incredible live performance, where the synergy between Rockheads and the organizational expertise of the 22nd batch NTHMC promises an evening filled with musical magic.

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