Nhey:Gaa Jatra Sanskritik Sanjha
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Nhey:Gaa Jatra Sanskritik Sanjha

Dec 21
Saturday, December 16 4:00 PM
Bishnudevi Ringroad Chandragiri, Nepal

Experience the vibrant cultural tapestry of Nepal through the lens of NHYE’s GAA jatra at Bisnudevi, Chandragiri. Immerse yourself in the enchanting performance featuring the acclaimed artists of Kutumba Nepal, as they bring to life the rich heritage and traditions of the region. The air is filled with the rhythmic beats of traditional music, and the picturesque setting of Chandragiri provides a stunning backdrop for this cultural celebration. NHYE captures the essence of the GAA jatra, showcasing the skillful performances and dynamic energy of Kutumba Nepal, inviting you to witness the beauty and authenticity of Nepalese culture in a mesmerizing display of artistry and tradition.

Date: 16December,2023
Time: 4p.m onwards
Venue: BIshnudevi, Chandragiri


Bishnudevi Ringroad Bishnudevi Ringroad, Chandragiri, Nepal

Bishnudevi Ringroad, Chandragiri, Nepal

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