Nepal Solar Week 2023 Event

Date and time
August 25 | 8am - 5pm
Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal Solar Week 2023 Event Banner

The Nepal Solar Week 2023 event aims to drive the transition towards a clean and sustainable energy future in Nepal, leveraging the potential of solar energy to address energy challenges, stimulate economic growth, and improve the quality of life for the people of Nepal.

It is the biggest solar energy event in Nepal, with over 150 top industry professionals in attendance, including senior officials responsible for the solar sector’s rapid expansion.

The Nepal Solar Week 2023 event will highlight the finest project development and EPC practices, as well as the latest technologies for solar utility and rooftop development in Nepal’s markets.

The physical conference will see participation of key delegates from the Solar Energy sector stakeholders including:

  • Key Policy Makers and Government Officials
  • Project Investors and Developers
  • EPC & System Integrators
  • Dealers & Distributors
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Financial Advisors and Institutions
  • Consulting and Advisory Firms
  • Service Providers And many others

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Kathmandu, Nepal

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