Kids Indoor Sports Day at Hard Rock Cafe

Date and time
February 24 | 12pm - 2pm
Hard Rock Cafe

Join the excitement at Hard Rock Cafe on February 24, 2024, for a thrilling Kids Indoor Sports Day! Bring your little ones for a day of active fun and friendly competition in a safe, indoor environment. Watch as the venue transforms into a playground of joy, with a variety of sports and games designed for children of all ages. From mini-basketball and relay races to indoor soccer, the Kids Indoor Sports Day promises laughter, teamwork, and a whole lot of energy. It’s a fantastic opportunity for kids to engage in healthy activities and make new friends. Don’t miss this chance to create lasting memories for your children at the heart of the city’s iconic entertainment hub, Hard Rock Cafe.

Date: 24th February,2024
Time: 12p.m – 2p.m
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Kathmandu, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

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