Himalayan Fest 2024
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Himalayan Fest 2024

May 16
Thursday, May 16
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Experience the enchanting allure of the Himalayas at the Himalayan Fest 2024, featuring electrifying performances by renowned bands Albatross, Cobweb, and Screaming Marionette. Dive into a cultural extravaganza as the majestic mountains provide the backdrop for an unforgettable musical journey. Feel the rhythm of the Himalayas pulsating through your soul as these iconic bands take the stage, delivering an immersive fusion of rock, folk, and traditional Nepali sounds. Let yourself be carried away by the haunting melodies and powerful lyrics, resonating with the spirit of the Himalayan landscape. Join us for a celebration of music, culture, and camaraderie amidst the breathtaking vistas of the Himalayan Fest 2024, where every note echoes the soul of the mountains.

Performing Artist:
Date: May 16
Venue: The Baso Canberra


Canberra Canberra ACT, Australia

Canberra ACT, Australia

Albatross Cobweb Himalaya Fest 2024 Screamingmarionette

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