Himalaya Music Festival

Date and time
September 16 | 12pm - onwards
Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur
Himalayan Music Festival events happening on 16th September

Together for Climate is a unique annual event aimed at raising awareness about climate change and promoting environmental sustainability through the universal language of music.

The festival will bring together musicians, artists, environmentalists, and communities. A0

cross our country and beyond to unite in our commitment to addressing the urgent climate challenges facing the world today.

The Himalaya Music Festival is an extraordinary annual gathering dedicated to amplifying the message of climate change awareness and advocating for environmental sustainability, all through the captivating medium of music.
This exceptional festival serves as a convergence point for talented musicians, visionary artists, passionate environmentalists, and communities not only from our nation but also from around the globe.
Date: 16th September
Time: 12PM Onwards
Venue: Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur
Join us at the Himalaya Music Festival, where the universal language of music resonates with the pressing need for climate action. Let’s harmonize for a greener and more sustainable future.
Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and rhythms as renowned musicians from diverse genres grace the stage. Their music will not only entertain but also carry a powerful message of climate consciousness.

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Hotel Himalaya, Yala Sadak, Lalitpur, Nepal

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