Ecancer Kathmandu 2023 Research Methods Workshop

Date and time
October 28 - 29 | 8am - 5pm
Join us at the ecancer Kathmandu 2023 Research Methods Workshop and take the next step towards becoming a proficient researcher.

Join us for the ecancer Kathmandu 2023 Research Methods Workshop. From crafting proposals to publishing manuscripts, gain valuable insights. Don’t miss this opportunity for in-depth research knowledge.

This workshop is designed to cover the entire spectrum of the research process, providing participants with practical knowledge and skills. Highlights include:

Proposal Writing: Learn the art of crafting compelling research proposals that stand out.
Data Collection Techniques: Explore effective methods for gathering and analyzing data.
Manuscript Preparation: Understand the intricacies of preparing a manuscript for publication.
Journal Selection: Gain insights into choosing the right journal for your research.
Publication Strategies: Learn strategies to increase the chances of manuscript acceptance.

Date: 28 – 29th October
Time: 8Am Onwards
Venue: Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal

“Don’t miss the ecancer Kathmandu 2023 Research Methods Workshop, where we take you on a comprehensive journey from writing a research proposal to getting your manuscript published. Whether you’re a budding researcher or an experienced professional, this workshop offers invaluable insights to enhance your research skills.

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