Dreams Film Showcase with Shanky Talks Film

Date and time
July 9 | 6:30pm - onwards
Tumbahalaya, Thamel
Poster of Dreams Film Showcase with Shanky Talks Film

Join us for an unforgettable cinematic experience as we present the movie “Dreams” at our fortnightly movie night, Shanky Talks Films IRL. This highly anticipated screening was specifically requested by our loyal audience.

During the movie screening, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the insightful commentary provided by the renowned film critic Shanky Talks Films.

Gain a deeper understanding of the film’s themes, symbolism, and artistic elements as Shashank Shrestha shares his expertise.

Make sure to enhance your movie-watching experience by indulging in delicious Wowpopcorns, the perfect snack companion for this captivating film.

Date: 15th July

Venue: Tumbahalaya, Thamel

Time: 6:30 pm onwards

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event that combines the magic of cinema with insightful analysis.

Grab your friends and join us for an evening filled with dreams and cinematic wonder.

Free Entry!

Tumbahalaya, Amrit Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

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