Comedy Show By Aadarsh Mishra

Date and time
August 5 | 2pm - onwards
Happy Club, Sinamangal kathmandu
Poster of Comedy Show by Aadarsh mishra

Comedy Show By Aadarsh Mishra is happening on 5th August, Saturday at Happy Club, Sinamangal Kathmandu.

Aadarsha is a prominent comedian in Nepal, with over 5 years of experience making audiences roar with laughter. In this show, he will regale us with amusing anecdotes about his girlfriend and the hilarious hassles of school life. Get ready for a comedic experience like no other!

There are two show one at 2pm and the other one at 5pm on Saturday. The first one is a discount ticket for students and those who need to get home by 5/6 and the second show and the second one see I don’t know how wild it can get. 1 free beer and don’t know how many free jokes.

Date: 5th August

Time: One Show 2pm Onwards/Next Show 5pm Onwards

Venue: Happy Club, Sinamangal Kathmandu

Please show up people. We have only 30 seats .

Ps : there can be surprise performances.

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Happy Club, Galli, Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal

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