All This Weight Photocircle Event
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All This Weight Photocircle Event

Jul 02
Tuesday, June 27 11:00 AM - Sunday, July 30
Patan House Lalitpur, Nepal

All This Weight Photocircle Event is happening at Patan House, Lalitpur till 3oth July 2023. Explore the depths of art at’s exhibition.

It features photographs from ten visual artists from India and Nepal. It is an intimate sharing of experiences, which range from:

  • Tales of the body
  • Nature, society, and relationships
  • Investigations of chance
  • Intimacy
  • Loss
  • Sorrow
  • Suffering
  • The resourceful ways we negotiate life.

Journey through the depths of art and emotion at our ongoing exhibition, All This Weight. This showcase features the works of ten visual artists from India and Nepal, who were part of the Visual Thinking & Making 2023.

Each artist explored a personal question: What weighs on your heart, and what story needs to be shared?

From tales of the body, forests, society, and relationships to explorations of chance, intimacy, loss, grief, pain, and the resilient ways we navigate life, this exhibition is an intimate sharing of these stories.

The exhibition has been extended until July 30, Sunday. Join us at Patan House, Dhaugal and immerse yourself in these unforgettable tales.

Date: Till 30th July 2023 (Except Mondays)

Venue: Patan House, Lalitpur


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Patan House Patan House, Dhaugal Road, Lalitpur, Nepal

Patan House, Dhaugal Road, Lalitpur, Nepal

Presented by PhotoCircle

Photo Circle is a platform for photography in Nepal. Through workshops, publications, exhibitions and commissioned assignment work, strives to nurture unique voices that document and engage with social change in Nepal.

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