Aaryan Shrestha Live at Good Mixer

Date and time
February 2 | 7pm - onwards
Good Mixer, Kathmandu, Nepal
Aaryan Shrestha

Aaryan Shrestha, the dynamic and talented artist, is set to captivate audiences with a mesmerizing live performance at the Good Mixer on February 2, 2024. Get ready for a night filled with electrifying music and soulful vibes as Aaryan takes the stage, showcasing his unique blend of musical prowess and stage presence. The Good Mixer will be the perfect venue to experience the magic of Aaryan Shrestha’s live show, where his passion for music comes to life, creating an unforgettable evening of entertainment. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Aaryan Shrestha’s musical genius unfold in a live setting, promising an immersive and unforgettable experience for all music enthusiasts.”

Performiong Artist:
Aaryan Shrestha
Date: February 2,2024
Time: 7p.m onwards
Venue: Good Mixer

Good Mixer, Kathmandu, Nepal

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