Aaryan Shrestha Live at Aloha Cafe
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Aaryan Shrestha Live at Aloha Cafe

Jun 01
Saturday, June 1 Expired 6:00 PM
Aloha Cafe Kathmandu, Nepal
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Aaryan Shrestha, the rising star of the music scene, lit up the stage at Aloha Cafe with his magnetic performance, infusing the cozy venue with his infectious energy and melodic charm. Amidst the intimate setting, Shrestha showcased his versatile vocal prowess, serenading the audience with a mix of heartfelt ballads and upbeat anthems. Fans were treated to a memorable evening filled with soulful renditions and electrifying rhythms, as Shrestha effortlessly connected with his audience on a personal level. The ambiance was electric, with cheers and applause echoing throughout the cafe, testament to Shrestha’s undeniable talent and magnetic stage presence. His performance at Aloha Cafe was a testament to his growing popularity and undeniable talent in the music industry.


Aloha Cafe Aloha Cafe, Kathmandu, Nepal

Aloha Cafe, Kathmandu, Nepal

Aaryan Shrestha Aloha Cafe Live Music Saturday

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