A well wish show for Space India Tour

Date and time
December 30
Moksh Bar, Lalitpur, Nepal
A well wish show for Space India Tour

Embark on a cosmic journey with “A Well Wish Show for Space India Tour,” a celestial spectacle featuring a star-studded lineup of talent. Join the cosmic crew, including the enchanting Subani Moktan, the mesmerizing Yiig, the dynamic duo Avishek KC and Suzeena Shrestha, and the interstellar beats of Phatcowlee. As you traverse the galactic vibes, get ready to be serenaded by the cosmic harmonies of Maria x Moa, the futuristic sounds of Flekee, and the sonic wizardry of Amit Jung. Brace yourself for an otherworldly experience with Nischal Gurung and Shephalika Dhakal, as they unite under the celestial canopy to create an unforgettable journey through the cosmos.

Date: 30December,2023
Venue: Moksh,Jhamsikhel

Step into the cosmic realm as the ethereal web of talent known as Cobweb weaves its magic in “A Well Wish Show for Space India Tour.” This transcendent gathering features the legendary sounds of Cobweb, accompanied by the celestial vocals of Subani Moktan, the cosmic vibes of Yiig, and the magnetic synergy of Avishek KC and Suzeena Shrestha. Let the cosmic beats of Phatcowlee transport you to new dimensions, while Maria x Moa add a touch of heavenly grace to the astral odyssey. Join Flekee, Amit Jung, Nischal Gurung, and Shephalika Dhakal as they contribute their unique celestial energies to make this space-themed experience an unparalleled celebration of music and unity. Brace yourself for an intergalactic journey like never before!

Moksh Bar, Lalitpur, Nepal

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