A Caricature Drawing Workshop With Sarin Bajracharya

Date and time
August 26 | 11am - 1pm
Fun with Faces: A Caricature Drawing Workshop with Sarin Bajracharya

Join us for an engaging and hands-on caricature drawing workshop led by the talented artist Sarin Bajracharya. Caricatures, those humorous and exaggerated depictions of people, have always captured our attention. Now, it’s your chance to delve into the art of caricature under the guidance of an experienced caricaturist. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just curious about this unique form of art, this workshop is designed to enhance your skills and give you insights into the world of caricature.

We see them in newspapers, we see them in ads. And we always seem to love them, the funny drawings of people we know and people we don’t. Lately, we’ve been seeing live caricature drawings of people at various events too. And if you are one of us, then pretty sure you are also wondering how to learn this craft, or just a bit of it, at the back of your mind.

Hence, we are collaborating with Sarin Bajracharya, the one who’s been doing these live caricature drawings at events, to bring you Fun with Faces: A caricature drawing workshop. This workshop is aimed at people who are interested in drawings or have a bit of experience to hone their skills when it comes to caricature.

WHEN: August 26, Saturday | 11 am – 1 pm
Where: Tumbahalaya, Thamel
PRICE: Rs. 800

Don’t miss out on this chance to master the art of caricature. Reserve your spot today and embark on a creative adventure with Sarin Bajracharya!
To book your spot please register and pay via eSewa/khalti on 9849176626 by August 24, Thursday.

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